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It is widely known—and repeatedly proven—that exercise goes a long way toward preventing and treating chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Less frequently studied are the effects of exercise on cancer—from prevention to survivorship—though this is now recently changing.   A Correlation between Exercise and Survivorship Among breast cancer survivors, physical activity after diagnosis has consistently been associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer recurrence and breast cancer-specific mortality. A recent meta-analysis showed that exercise post-diagnosis … Read More


In spite of the evidence, exercise is under utilized in the treatment of scoliosis in the United States. The three options most often provided to patients by the medical community are observation, bracing, or surgery. Research published as early as 1924 by Katharina Schroth, a German physical therapist, demonstrated the efficacy of specific exercise techniques in the treatment of this spinal disorder. Ninety years later, this approach has been validated by more sophisticated research. The time has come for exercise … Read More

Ah, January: that time of year when new year’s resolutions are still fresh and full of promise, and the all-too-familiar excuses haven’t yet started to eat away at our intentions. For many of us, this includes the annual vow to amp up our exercise routines and get serious about fitness. One way to lock your commitment into serious progress is to make it a shared resolution: grab a friend and make your regular workouts a joint venture. Ample studies prove … Read More