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When seeking a physical therapist best suited to treat your condition, it is important to carefully consider your specific needs and goals. The mindset that you are the CEO of your health care team will invariably increase your chances of a favorable outcome. With this mindset comes the responsibility of having hiring and firing capabilities as well as management, communication, and follow-through duties. To meet your management responsibilities, try jotting down any pertinent information during your appointment so that you … Read More

Along with headaches and lower back pain, dizziness is among the three most common complaints patients bring to their primary care physician. “Dizziness” can be a catchall description of feeling woozy, disoriented, or confused, and can affect patients when they’re standing or moving (or even make them feel as if they’re moving when they’re not). Patients can also describe feeling like their vision is shaky or unstable, leading them to feel on the whole a bit “unbalanced.” Medical providers are … Read More