Nutrition Services

Individual Nutrition Counseling

In your sessions, you will receive nutrition information and advice that is designed for you and takes into account your health goals, schedule, food preferences, and budget. You will gain the tools needed to make lasting healthy lifestyle changes while increasing motivation and physical activity. Individualized goals will be created that are specific, realistic, and attainable to help you reach success.

Medical Nutrition Therapy Counseling

MNT Counseling is provided for the management or prevention of chronic conditions such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and high cholesterol. Individualized goals will be designed to help you improve your overall quality of life.

Wellness Package

This package will help you kick start your healthy lifestyle pattern. It includes an initial nutrition consultation, grocery store tour, and two thirty-minute follow-up sessions.

Weight Loss Package

This package is designed to help you stay accountable and motivated by learning weight management principles that will help you be successful at home, work, and social events. You will gain insight into your barriers to success and develop ways to permanently overcome those obstacles. It includes an initial nutrition consultation, grocery store tour, and four thirty-minute follow-up sessions.

Grocery Store Tour

Healthy eating begins with a well-stocked kitchen. During this shopping experience you will learn the answers to questions about food labels, quick healthy shopping, easiest snacks for your goals, new foods and what to do with them, meal planning, and more.

Remote Counseling

If you are busy with work, school, family, a combination of all three or are not located in the Montclair area remote counseling may be right for you. Receive effective counseling sessions through the use of Skype, Facetime, email, phone or a combination of methods to help you reach your nutrition goals.

Corporate Presentations

Corporate and group presentations are available to provide tailored lectures of various nutrition topics. Examples of lecture topics include Meal Planning with Diabetes, Preventing Chronic Disease, Eating for Heart Health, and Nutrition and Weight Loss Myths.